On Body Confidence and Swimsuits

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As a blogger, I get lots of requests to review products.  I say no to most of them.  Recently I was contacted by lingerie and swimwear maker Leonisa about reviewing a swimsuit, and it kind of threw me for a loop.  ME?!  In a swimsuit?  On my BLOG?  That’s crazy talk right?
I thought they had contacted the wrong girl.  But no, they wanted lil’ ol’ me.  And I needed a new swimsuit, so I said yes.  I chose the Reduce A Size swimsuit, in hopes that it would magically make me comfortable to be photographed in a bathing suit.  
While it is a lovely and flattering swimsuit, it didn’t magically get rid of my body issues.  It did make me feel like bombshell though, and I finally decided to let my hubby take a few shots.  
At first, as I was looking through the photos, I thought “I look pretty good!”  Yet, I started photoshopping.  Every little flaw I saw, I erased.  I almost posted those photos, but then I had a change or heart.  I didn’t want you to see me and think, “gee, she’s had 4 kids, why does she look so good?”  I try really hard to be real on this blog, and I’m not going to stop now.  I took these photos straight out of the camera and added my watermark.  These are completely unedited.  
Here’s what I love about the swimsuit:
1. The color.  Cobalt blue is universally flattering, and it looks great against my pale skin.  
2.  No sausage effect.  I have bought many a “slimming” bathing suit, and I have noticed a lot of them push all the fat into a cylinder around your midsection, with your boobs and belly being smooshed into what I like to describe as a sausage casing.  This suit doesn’t do that.  There are underwire cups for your boobs.  The waist is clearly defined.  It gives a beautiful hourglass shape.
3.  Boobs.  Can I just state the boobs thing again?  How can you not feel like a bombshell?  Va Va Va Voom!
4.  The cut.  I usually have leg hole issues (is that the right terminology?  Probably not.)  Often the cut is too low, which makes legs look shorter, or too high, showing off too much chub.  The leg holes in this suit are cut perfectly for me!
5.  The lining.  The lining is turquoise, and I love that.  Only I know about it, and for some reason that makes me really happy.  
If you want to buy one of these awesome suits, visit Leonisa‘s website.  Right now they’re having a Father’s Day sale, and with all the cute lingerie they have, you may find something your hubby wants more than a tacky tie ;-).
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28 thoughts on “On Body Confidence and Swimsuits

  1. I’m just another to say how great you look and how glad we all are that you are brave enough to reveal yourself here. I think it gives us all hope.

  2. THANK YOU!!! you are a hero. no, really, in this world where there is so much pressure to look perfect (even after having kids) you put unedited pictures of yourself in a bathing suit. Thank you. And: you are hot! 🙂

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