In Memory, In Honor

Last week, we went to Alaska.

The views were amazing.

Gabe was in boy heaven!  (Learning to use a sling shot with Grandpa.)

He loved all the huge rocks.

They got to love on their Grandma.

We saw 4 bald eagles, 5 moose, and lots of baby geese!

But that wasn’t why we came.

We came to honor the memory of a fallen hero.  Our fallen hero.  My husband, their father.  

We came to see a ceremony hall at the Anchorage MEPS office being named after their dad.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  There were many emotions, but the main one was  pride.  The kids are so proud that they can call their dad an American hero.  They needed to see him being honored.  

All the way!

7 thoughts on “In Memory, In Honor

  1. gave me chills…what an amazing thing to be able to see. Your husband was an American hero and I thank him for all he did to serve US and his country…. Your such an amazing momma and your kids will always remember this trip 🙂

  2. Happy beyond words for you and your children to have this experience and have this physical representation of honor for him, a true American hero.

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