Bubble Dress Tutorial

Bubble Dress Tutorial: Alida Makes
Hey y’all!  I’m so thrilled to be a part of Melly Sews 30 Days of Sundresses Series!   
Today I’m going to show you a really versatile dress. It fits my 4-year-old…
Sail Boat Bubble Dress: Alida Makes
And my 7 year old!
Sail Boat Bubble Dress
AND when the girls can’t wear it as a dress anymore, I will take off the straps and they will wear it as a bubble skirt.  This width will work for sizes 4-10 (although you may need more or less elastic), and the length works for 4-6 as a dress and 7-10 as a tunic. You can change the length depending on your tastes. Want to know how to make one?  Here’s how:
First, pin your outer fabric pieces RST and sew down one side.  Repeat for lining pieces.  Press seams open.
So now the bottom is sewn, the top is sewn, but the sides are still open.  You basically have a long tube.
This is the most confusing part, it probably won’t make sense until you do it.  Put your arm through the side opening on one end, grab the other end and pull back towards you until the ends meet. Imagine that arrow is your arm.  


Turn the garment right side out and hand sew opening closed.  


Now it’s time to make the top casing.


Insert the elastic, sew ends together, then close the hole. 
In the front, the straps should be 3″ apart when the dress is not stretched out.  In the back the straps should meet in the middle.  
Once you finish one of these you will want to make more!   It’s really a quick sew, even though it looks like many steps.  
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14 thoughts on “Bubble Dress Tutorial

  1. This is very cute! Can I ask how you came up with the 20″ measurement? What ratio is it to the finished chest size? I would like to make one for my tween daughter so trying to figure out what size I should make the pieces. TIA

  2. Can I ask what size around the finished garment is? I’m trying to figure out how to upsize it for my tween daughter. I think she would love this. TIA

  3. This is so awesome Alida! I’m always sad when my kids outgrow handmades so having something that could last for years is great. I LOVE the navy & pink one too!
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I’m a beginner seamstress so the pictures and instructions were great. (though I did have to look up shirring…) I was able to use this as a body for my daughter’s halloween costume (snowy owl), and it’s turned out great!

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