Hipster Squirrel started when I saw this adorable photo on Pinterest.  This is a momonga, or Japanese pygmy flying squirrel.  Naturally, I fell in love, and looked through Google Images of them with my girls for about an hour.
For more freakin adorable photos go HERE.  You’re welcome.

Momonga in the Rain

The girl’s squeals of glee while looking at the pictures led to me creating this fabric.  I love how my little squirrel came out.  

Then I decided to redesign the blog, and one of my dear blogger friends Sewing Mama RaeAnna said, 

 you should have a little baby platypus or squirrel with funky glasses and kick ass red hair in your logo!” and I thought…why the hell not!?

Thus, Hipster Squirrel was born. 

The thing is, he needs a name.  And that’s where you come in.

Go to my Facebook Page and “Like” it, then leave a comment on this photo and tell me what you think his name should be.  I will choose 5 of my favorites, then put it to a vote here on the blog.  The winner will receive a fat quarter of my squirrel fabric!

Thanks y’all!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

6 thoughts on “Name My Logo CONTEST AND GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh my gosh it’s sooo cute! Any squirrel is cute to me, we don’t have them in NZ. I love the fabric you made. Another outrageously cute animal is a Quokka 🙂

  2. Oooh cute I love it! And the triangles on his belly, make me think “coz he’s too hip to be square!” I personally like him being called hipster squirrel! Maybe geeky chic squirrel or super squirrel, totally unique lol.

  3. Since he’s a Japanese flying squirrel, I say he can be Kyoto. Or Ramen….since San Fran hipsters love their ramen joints. Haha.

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