Momonga Fabric for Sale on Spoonflower

***If you haven’t yet, make sure you go HERE to enter my Name My Mascot giveaway, you could win a fat quarter of this fabric!***

A couple of weeks ago I designed this fun fabric on Spoonflower and ordered a fat quarter of the knit.  The cotton is clean and crisp and the background is white, but on the knit it’s a more natural off-white because they use only organic cotton.  I love it so much that it is now for sale!  

So what can you do with a fat quarter of knit?

Make a toddler tank dress of course!  It was the only way I could get Ellie to stop wearing it around her neck like a cape and shouting “I’m a squirrel pirate!”

To make this, I just traced a dress she already had.  I did the binding with ribbed knit using a technique I learned using Kitschy Coo’s Skater Dress.  It’s GENIUS.

Don’t forget to enter to win this fabric!  

***THIS JUST IN…Momonga is now available in PINK!*** 

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