Jean Jacket DIY

Hey y’all!  A while ago I asked a question on my Facebook Page: what kind of Pinspiration post do YOU want to see?  The number one answer?  DENIM.  You wanted to know how to distress it, how to bleach it, how to put studs on it.  Well, your wish is my command!  

 I started out with a dark denim jacket from Old Navy.  I bought it back in September and I’ve NEVER worn it.  I have this problem with basics.  While they seem good in theory, if they’re too boring I never touch them.  So was the case here. 

 So how did I get from this…
To this?  It’s SO EASY!

Bleach for 8 hours.  I used 8 cups of bleach and filled the bathtub about 3 inches deep.  I bleached a couple of other things with this jacket…you’ll see more on that later.  Once it reaches the color you want, wash and dry it in the washing machine.

Now you’re ready to add some BLING!  It’s really, really ridiculously easy.
Repeat, repeat, repeat until your thumbs fall off.  If you want a funkier look you can mix up the sizes of your studs like in the Pinspiration picture.  I would have done that if I’d had different sized studs, but sadly I didn’t 🙁

I am super in love with how this turned out!

 Yeah, basics aren’t my thing, but I’m realizing that’s ok!  

Love ya!

6 thoughts on “Jean Jacket DIY

    1. I didn’t make it :-). I bought it New York and Co. It’s basically a knit dolman tank with a silky fabric yoke. I’m thinking I need to copy it!

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