Hosh Board Shorts

Today I’m happy to be a party of Fancy Up Your Hosh Pants!
It’s easy to add length to pants legs to get the look you want.
It’s a little harder to figure out how much length to take off a pants pattern.  While playing around with the Hosh Pants Pattern I found the sweet spot for perfect board shorts.  
Through trial and error, I figured out that taking 5 inches off of the 2t pattern gave me board short length.  But what about the other sizes?  If you love math, here is how you can figure that out (you know, if you ever need to do it in the future.)
Take the amount you cut off of one size and divide it by the full length, that will give you the percentage that you cut off.  To use it on another size, take the full length and multiply it by the percentage (For example, if your percentage is 25% you would multiply by 0.25)
But, if you don’t love math…here is a handy little chart:
Fold your pattern up the amount of inches indicated on the chart.  My girls are very slim, so I didn’t do this, but if your child still has chubby toddler legs I would add at least a 1/2″ to each side as shown.  If you’re nervous it’ll be too tight, measure around your child’s knee, then measure the bottom or your new pattern.  If the pattern isn’t 2 inches bigger than your child’s knee measurement adjust it so it is.  Did that make sense?
I love how Ellie is so wiggly and happy in these shorts, I’m sure I will be making more!
If you haven’t checked out this fabulous pattern yet, what are you waiting for?!?  To give you a little incentive, right now you can get 15% off your order at LouBeeClothing by using coupon code FANCY15.

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