Kids Clothes Week Looks 2 & 3

Look 2:
So…yesterday was a bust.  I got the stomach flu.  Again.

Today I decided to make something quick, so I refashioned this thrift store find into Hosh Pants.  I love boxy ’90s polyesther shirts!  There is so much fabric to use!  

I made them a couple of inches longer than usual and used the existing hem.  

 The shirt was a plain American Apparel shirt (a hand-me-down) and I used my trusty fabric sharpie to give it a little pizazz.

This I actually sewed up the other night, but just now got it photographed.  
I refashioned a dress into this high necked tank for Char.  I wanted it to be sporty looking and fun.  
The shorts I’m super proud of, I drafted them from scratch.  (Even the zipper fly!)  


I used these awesome vintage buttons to finish off the look.  Love them.  
I may be done with KCW, I just don’t know how much I have left in me!  We’ll see.  You know how I like to change my mind 😉

6 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Looks 2 & 3

  1. that whole outfit on Char is AMAZING! – I love the top and the detailing on the shorts just go perfectly with it… and way to go drafting a zip fly from scratch (virtual high five!)

  2. I agree that the shorts are wonderful! And the fact that you drafted the pattern yourself only makes them better. All of it is so good! I am working on some refashions myself. It was Earth Day this week, after all. Great job, Alida!

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