Easy DIY head wrap

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my husband went to Zambia back in February and brought me back many gorgeous chitenge.  I have some fun sewing projects with them coming up, but for now I had this large triangle left over, and I finally figured out what to do with it!  (FYI, you can do this with a square scarf folded in half as well.)
This is a NO SEW project.  Just cut and wrap.  (For you sewists, you can totally hem the edges.  But I was too lazy to do that!)  
Ready?  Let’s get started:
Cut fabric into a symmetrical triangle 36″ wide and 20″ tall.  
Cut side corners off at an angle, and apply fray check around whole piece of fabric.
1.  Fold long side under.
2.  Put the middle point on top of your head.
3.  Cross sides over.
4.  Tie once.
5.  Tie twice.
6.  Tuck the front point in.
7.  Tuck the sides in.
8.  Ta-Da!

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