Calling ALL Kids with Simple Simon & Co!


I’m so excited to be kicking off the Calling All Kids Series with Simple Simon & Co.  This duo beat me during season 2 of Project Run and Play (they totally deserved to win, they are amazing) and then went on to run the competition!  Is there anything they can’t do?  When I think of Simple Simon I think clean, classic, with a vintage twist.  Just look at these beautiful pieces they’ve made:

So. Sweet.  Take it away Simple Simon & Co.!
Hello Alida lovers!
We are happy to be over here today at the beginning of Alida’s “Calling All Kids” series.
What I really like about this series isn’t the potential for thinking outside the box and the kid outfit awesomeness that will ensue (although that will be super fun to watch!) but the idea of listening to our kids and making for them the items that they want to wear…no matter what those items may be.
As long as I’ve known Alida (known…ok we’ve never met…but we’ve emailed lots so that counts for something right?) I’ve been aware that she is very conscious of being in tune with what her children like and letting them express their own personal style.  And I’ve admired her for that.
Kids are such funny little people.
My Grace has had her own very definite sense of style for quite awhile now and has great big opinions for one who is so little.  She is a girl who loves dresses and velvet and pink and puffy.  She always has.  But every once in awhile she’ll see something that Simon (her older brother wears) and will want to have the same thing.
One of the first times that happened was with these suspenders:
I had made a pair for Simon and then ended up having to make a “kind for girls” as well.  So the ruffled suspender tutorial was posted.
 However, a little while later the suspenders were revisited with another boys item that Grace noticed…
the bow tie.
How much do I love Grace in a bow tie?
(Although in her mind its just like a ribbon for her neck.  Which it kind of is.)
She’s loved wearing her lace suspenders and satin bow tie.
And I’ve loved seeing her in them.
Like I said.  Kids are funny.  You never know what they are going to be into.
I would have never guessed that Grace would like to wear suspenders and bow ties.
But she does.
But then again I would have never guessed she would have chosen to be a shrieking eel for Halloween instead of Tangled.
Our little ones are only our little ones for such a short time.
So let’s enjoy their authentic little self’s as much as we can while we can.
Thanks Alida for hosting this series where we can let our little ones share their voice in what they want to wear.  And thank you again for inviting us to take part in the fun. We look forward to seeing what everyone makes
Simple Simon & Co

Thank you ladies for playing along today!  Can I just say, I LOVE that Grace chose to be a shrieking eel?  Coolest.Kid.Ever.  Make sure you click over to Simple Simon & Co. to see all the beautiful things they create!

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