Hosh Pants Pattern Review

A few weeks ago I saw Lou Bee Clothing’s Hosh Pants pattern on Pinterest and fell in love.  Skinny jeans?  Yes.  Adjustable Waistband?  Even yesser.


The beauty of this pattern is there is no side seam, so if you have a bold print it’s not interrupted by a pesky seam.  I had this awesome floral denim that my aunt sent me, and knew it had to be made into Hosh Pants.   Naturally, Caroline had to have some first.  And when Caroline has something…Ellie has to have it too…



As I’ve mentioned before, her style is more boyish, so it came as no surprise that she wanted to wear her pirate sweater with her floral skinnies.  I actually kind of love it.  She looks so Gwen Stefani!  I even tried to punkify her hair…it was glorious.


Of course she topped off her look (bottomed off her look?) with her signature Star Wars shoes.  


These pants fit perfectly.  The length is right at the ankle, so when she bends her knees you can see her Allerbling.  All the cool kids have them!  (No, Allerbling doesn’t pay me, I just love their product.)

This fabric didn’t have very much stretch, but it there is enough wiggle room in the pattern that it didn’t matter.


I can see myself making a lot more of these pants.  I think the pattern would work well for boys too!


Ellie was not a big fan of her Gwen Stefani-inspired hair, and therefor didn’t want to cooperate for a photo shoot.  Maybe she’s trying out a punk attitude to go with her new punk style 😉

10 thoughts on “Hosh Pants Pattern Review

  1. I really like them!! Also, how do i get my family to start buying me fabric rather than premade clothing??? I was actually looking for a skinny jean / adjustable waist pattern for fall (yeah I’m thinking WAAAAY ahead on this one) but I enjoy being prepared when I can. (as a mom, that is not too often lol)


  2. ALIDA! These are absolutely amazing! When I designed these pants, this is pretty much exactly how I envisioned them looking. Hooray! Thank you for the fine review!

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