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Hey y’all!  I can’t believe that Calling All Kids is almost over.  Where have these 3 weeks gone?  Today I have one of my absolute favorite bloggers ever, Stef from Girl. Inspired.  Stef is the kind of blogger I want to be when I grow up.  She takes amazing photos, and everything she makes has this amazing touch of feminine charm.  She’s fabulous.  Take it away Stef!

Hi there! I’m Stef, from Girl. Inspired.  I am excited to be part of this Calling all Kids series.  With three little girls in my house, we can get pretty wrapped up in all girl, all the time.  And all three of my girls LOVE everything you would typically label as girly.  But, my middle daughter, Grace, loves everything “boy,” too.  She just loves life.  She doesn’t stop moving, doesn’t stop talking, doesn’t stop wanting to experience everything.  So… boy stuff? girl stuff? grown-up stuff? She doesn’t care, she wants to try it all.  This is my kid who had a race car party one year and a pink princess party the next.  We cover the whole spectrum with this girl!

sporty girl skirt3

When Alida first introduced the Calling All Kids series, I immediately knew that sewing something for Grace would be right in line with the spirit of the series.  Getting this girl’s clothes right is walking a thin line though.  She likes pretty, but not fussy.  She likes twirly, but not fluffy.  She likes blue and orange and pink and green.

sporty girl skirt1

 I decided to make Grace a navy blue pleated skirt for the series.  I think the bold color and the structure of the pleats pull the skirt away from that girly girl realm, while the twirl factor and the piping detail along the curved drop waist keep the skirt sweet.  It’s sporty, I think.

sporty girl skirt6

It takes a lot of coaxing to convince Grace to join me for a photo shoot.  This particular shoot went better than most, as I didn’t ask her to hold still much.  And she didn’t hold still.  At all.  I love how these pictures just capture that go, go, go spirit of hers.

sporty girl skirt5

 In the span of the 2 minutes I was permitted to snap pictures, she rattled off about five different stories and then performed:  a ballet, an air show, a trapeze act, a multitude of bicycle stunts, a gymnastics showcase, a hip hop dance, and a plethora of instructions for me, the audience, to respond to.

sporty girl skirt2

I think the sporty skirt is perfect attire for all such scenarios, don’t you?  Thanks for having me, Alida.  This was a great reminder of the gift we provide our children when we allow them and encourage them to explore beyond societal boundaries.  For this little one, that means wearing/ doing/being whatever excites her and boosts her self-confidence – gender roles, schmender roles.  

Thank you for being here Stef!  Make sure you stop by Girl. Inspired. to see all of her beautiful creations!  Oh, and BTW if any of you want a great pleated skirt pattern, there is an awesome one HERE.



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  1. This is so prefect! My daughter is similar – she loves airplanes and big trucks and My Little Pony. 😀

    Awesome skirt, Stef! And awesome series, Alida!

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