You Wanna Piece o’ Me?!??

 Jessica, you better WATCH YOUR BACK!
Jessica from Me Sew Crazy has challenged me to a duel.  One pattern, one garment, to see what we’re made of.  You see, back when we were finalists on Project Run and Play together, neither of us won, so we don’t really know….WHO SEWED IT BETTER?!?!

You think you scare me?  With your sparkly cupcake sweater and your beautiful children.  She even has a redheaded daughter, and if anyone deserves a redheaded daughter it’s ME!  
You don’t stand a chance, lady!  Because I may look like a sweet Southern Belle, but now, the gloves are coming off!

Come back Monday and see us take it to the mat.  BOOM!



***I love Jessica, she’s amazing. She’s actually my blogging bestie.  Love you Jess!***

Also, I’m terrible at trash talk.  It took me hours to come up with this.  

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