Yep, that happened.

Do you know how often it snows in Greenville NC?  Never.  Once every 3 or 4 years we get enough snow for the kids to play in, and it’s usually gone the next day.  
 So when we got 2 inches last week, my kids were in heaven!
 Luckily we lived up North form a couple of years so we had some snow gear.  This was Ellie’s first snow, and she wasn’t that impressed.  However, she knew that each time she went outside she could come in and drink hot cocoa, so that persuaded her to give it a try!
 My babies made this snow man all by themselves!  His eyes are made out of medjool dates, we didn’t have any coal.  
This was Rosie’s first snow too, and she is just as sweet and demure in the snow as she is in the house.  She literally posed like this when she saw the camera.  Love my girly dog!
Does anyone have any good snow cream recipes?  I was completely unprepared for this event (usually when they say snow we get freezing rain) so I didn’t get to make any!

3 thoughts on “Yep, that happened.

  1. What fun! We never get snow where we are in Southern CA and I can’t wait until the someday happens when my little boy gets to play in the snow. But then buying all of the necessary gear for a short snow fling…hmmm… but I grew up in the snow belt of Western New York State and a childhood with no snow just seems to be missing something.Anyway here is a link to a good snow cream post. Obviously I’ve not tried making it myself, but there is a lot of good discussion about it in the comment section, and the blog itself is one of my favorites.

  2. AHHH you are literally 30 mins from me. I have never found someone who has a blog I admire so much, that lives so close!! Sorry, this is my star struck moment…I’m not a stalker, swear. 🙂

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