I’d like to introduce you to someone.

 This is Betsy.
 Betsy is Ellie’s new doll and her (ok, my) favorite new playmate.  Betsy was made by my new sponsor, Rebecca of Handmaiden Canada.

Look at this gorgeous outfit she came in!  A wool felt cape, a pretty pink dress, and even hand crocheted Mary Janes!  I was giddy when I opened the package. 

I made her an outfit to match Ellie’s chicken shirt.  I think they’ll be twinners once Ellie grows a little more hair :-).
Ellie’s in love.  

I am totally in love with this other Waldorf doll in Handmaiden Canada’s shop:

 Her name is Rosie 🙂
How cute is this hand knit doll sweater

Oh and this Cowl!  I want one.  Or two.  Or five.

                  Go show Rebecca of Handmaiden Canada some love!  She has great style.

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