Finally Finished a QUILT!

Today I’d like to show you a quilt I made.  That’s right.  I made a quilt.  I think we’ve already discussed the fact that I’m not a quilter by any means, but this Bella Collage Quilt Tutorial from Luvinthemommyhood is so simple even I could do it!
This is B.  He’s my blankie model.  And he and his big sis are so darned cute I may just make more blankies for them just to take more photos of them.  

  I actually made the blanket for B’s mom. (it’s not a baby blanket per se, it’s more like a snuggle on the couch together blanket.) As soon as I saw the Type by Julia Rothman (Windham Fabrics) collection I fell in love.  B’s mom is a writer and such a beautiful person, I just couldn’t resist making her a blanket out of it.

 This isn’t a photo of the blanket, but I’d like to mention that this kid is adorable and I love her.  

Also, this room is a great example of why I think everyone should have at least one bedroom with all white bedding.  It looks so clean and polished, and it’s great for photo shoots!

Ok, one more of B.  Just because he’s such a doll!

Looking for a quilt PATTERN?  Go HERE!

5 thoughts on “Finally Finished a QUILT!

  1. I love the heart fabric too!!! And I seriously think I may try that tutorial. The last time I made a quilt was when I was 12 years old during a Homeschooling Co-op class! lol! And that baby boy is sooooooo adorable!

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