Announcing Calling All Kids Blog Series!

I’m so happy to announce my upcoming series, Calling All Kids!

Why am I Calling All Kids?  Because I believe that girls do not have to wear pink to be girly.



They don’t have to wear dresses.
They don’t have to be frilly 
And boys. They can wear pink. They can wear prints. And still be boys.
I was inspired by my little Ellie, who loves little boy clothes and shoes.  She is not a fan of pink, and her wardrobe is pretty full of it because she has two super girly big sisters!  Her favorite shoes?  Star Wars.  I decided I better make some clothes for her that SHE likes.  I thought it would be really fun to do a blog series exploring children’s clothing design and gender.  Can we push the envelope and find a way to make leopard print boyish?  Or Spiderman girly?  OR can we design clothing that could work for both girls and boys?  This is what I want to explore.
For example, I created an outfit for Ellie out of a men’s flannel jacket.  I added a subtle ruffle on the strap to add some girly charm to an otherwise boyish look.  The playful chicken print on the shirt is perfect for Ellie because it’s graphic and she loves birds. 

And you know what?  She loves it.  

The blog series doesn’t begin until March 4.  So why I am I telling you this now?

There will be a linky party every week with amazing prizes from my incredible sponsors!  So get to sewing ladies!

***If you do not have a blog, don’t worry!  I have created an Alida Makes Flickr page!  Simply add a photo of your creation to the Flickr page and use the Flickr photo link in the linky party!

You can post any children’s clothing item you’ve made.  It doesn’t have to be a new blog post.  I would love to see you stretch your creativity and create children’s looks beyond pink for girls and blue for boys, but you may post anything you make.  I just want to share the love!  

If you want to join in on the fun grab this button!  I’ll be back with more information soon!  



15 thoughts on “Announcing Calling All Kids Blog Series!

  1. Can’t wait, Alida. It’s going to be great!! And boys and girls (and adults) everywhere will benefit from the creativity I’m sure we’re gonna see 🙂

  2. I’m so excited about this series!!! I have a little girl and we buy A LOT of her clothes in the boy section, because we’re not into the frilly, pink,.. stuff. So: THANK YOU! can’t wait 🙂

  3. Trish, thank you SO MUCH for asking this question. I completely forgot to add that I have a Flickr page set up for the series, so if you don’t have a blog you can post photos of your creations on the flickr page and then post a link to the flickr photo on the linky party. I am going to edit my post to include that!

  4. Aww, I was that little girl in black and blue! I still remember how mad I was the Christmas I got a pink and purple bike :). Wish I were a better seamstress… I’m just a mild fabric hoarder with very basic sewing skills. Must build up… small projects first!

  5. Oh my goodness this makes me so happy I can’t even begin to tell you.

    I have 3 girls and I am so sick of the color pink I could stab my eyes out. I try very hard to show my girls, that to be feminine they don’t have to be stuck on pink. yes we went through the “everything I wear has to be pink” but I think the older two are on their way to getting that other colors of the rainbow are fine too. and on the youngest who doesn’t really have an opinion yet I dress her in pretty much anything but pink (except when that’s the only clean thing she has in her drawers)
    a friend of mine noticed one day that I didn’t do the blind everyone with pink thing, and she said I love how you’ve made your daughters clothes girly without being pink (she has only boys and felt this was important) her sons wear pink and other things that are not so typically boyish but they rock it. and no one would dare call them girly.

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