My Word of the Year 2013: CHOICE

You’re about to get a whole lot of honesty from me, just be warned, you might not like what you hear.
Choice.  Every day we make thousands of them.  And this year, I’m going to make better ones.

I’ve been thinking a lot about choice this last year.  With my blog and my business I have been following the crowd.  Others had successful businesses designing and sewing clothes and selling them, and that’s what I thought I wanted.  Then I did it.  I made lots of sales (for one person anyway), but that didn’t bring me joy.  Others had lots of ads on their pages and I thought that meant they were making lots of money, so I sold out some ad space, but it doesn’t really bring me much money, and pursuing advertisers is scary and doesn’t bring me joy.  

So now what? 

Choice.  This year, I am committed to choosing to do the things that bring me joy.  And choosing not to do the things that don’t bring me joy.  Because really, blogging is supposed to be fun right?  And sewing is supposed to be fun.  That is why I love it, that’s why I write about it, and that’s why you’re all here reading about it.  One thing I’ve discovered about myself in 2012 is the second I am given a task to do for monetary compensation all of the joy just oozes out of the project for me.  

Making a baby blanket for a friend?  Love it!  Making a cool jacket for a kid’s birthday?  Yes please!  Making that 20th tee shirt under a time limit because the person paid me and needs it by a specific time?  Shoot me now.  

This is not to say that I don’t appreciate all of you that ordered from me, I really do.  Thank you all for supporting my business.  I just don’t really want to go down that path anymore, and that’s ok.  From now on I’m choosing to do the projects that bring me joy, and to kindly decline the projects that don’t.  It’s all up to me, and I get to choose.  And that, my friends, brings me joy.


10 thoughts on “My Word of the Year 2013: CHOICE

  1. I can relate – I love my job (photography), but it is still a job and doesn’t bring the creative release that sewing does. My husband asked one day if I would be opening an etsy store next – and I said NO!!! I want to keep my sewing for me, my creative release that is accountable only to my kids opinions (and so far they are too little to complain about anything I make them ;op).

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