Fashion Glasses…are they a Do or a Don’t?

Fashion glasses, or glasses you wear just for looks and not to correct your vision, have become really popular lately!  I love the look of nerd glasses, but I was hesitant to follow this trend because I wondered if wearing them without needing my vision corrected would be considered vain?

Then I realized I’m a blogger, all bloggers are a little bit vain!  It’s kind of the nature of what we do.  So I decided to wear them for a week, write down my experiences, and decide for myself if this look is a DO or a DON’T.

1. When the glasses came in the mail I was super excited.  I put them on and immediately felt a little more powerful and focused.  I looked in the mirror and thought, “this lady means business!”  
2.  I realized to pull off this trend you really need to have eye makeup on. 
3.  Both at the grocery store and at Staples I had college-aged boys smile at me all flirty-like.  I don’t know if it was because of how I looked or just that I was walking with more confidence.  But I felt confident, I felt sexy, and I think it showed.  Either that or those college boys had a Mrs. Robinson fetish.  I’m gonna go with the confidence thing.
Since glasses add an element of seriousness to your look, you can be a little more playful with your makeup.  For instance, I have been wearing green eyeliner instead of my usual brown, and I’ve been wearing brighter lipstick than I normally would.
Confidence=Sexiness, and I was feeling pretty confident!
They add a sharpness to your look.
They’re cheap, so if you decide you don’t like them you can always change them.
You will have to explain to everyone who knows you and has never seen you wear glasses that you bought them just for looks, which may make you feel like a little bit of a tool.
You have to wear eye makeup to pull this look off.
Your kids will call you a nerd.
Your kids will steal them and get fingerprints all over them.  
Your kids will fight over them.
You have to fight off your husband’s advances every time you wear them ;-).
My take?  It’s a definite DO.  How do you feel about fashion glasses?

10 thoughts on “Fashion Glasses…are they a Do or a Don’t?

  1. I think they are cute! But I don’t get excited about fashion glasses because I have to wear glasses, so the fun is gone for me. But wear them, they look fun!

  2. Those glasses are adorable – definitely a DO! I actually bought a pair of hipster glasses a couple of years ago at Urban Outfitters, but I felt kind of silly wearing them around my friends who knew I didn’t need them. My glasses were kind of obnoxious and not nearly as cute as yours, but this makes me want to try that trend again!

  3. I think they are so cute! I tried to get some hipster frames for my real glasses and well…my lenses are a little too thick and just don’t look attractive (read leaning toward coke bottle look) on that big a frame. 😉 Darn.

    I have thought about wearing contacts with fake glasses. Now there’s an idea. haha.

    1. thanks for replying! any chance some day you would be willing to do a video on how you curl it? I can never seem to get mine to curl nicely with a flat iron..maybe i’m just doing it wrong? 😛

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