BLOG FAILS of 2012

Would you share your blog fails from the past year?  

I have decided to, you know, in case anyone thought I was too perfect and they were jealous or something ;-).  The above shirt started out as cream and the dye was brown and pink and orange when I painted it on, but when I washed it the whole shirt turned this hideous Grandma mauve color.  BLAH.

 This was my first time trying out the bubble dress pattern by Melly Sews.  The pattern is great, but my execution left much to be desired.  The shoulder seams were so uneven, and worse the fabric was HORRIBLE to work with.  It was a cheap single knit so if it got too stretched it would run like panty hose, and I burned holes in it THREE TIMES with the iron.

 These cupcakes were actually pretty fabulous, but I failed to write down the recipe and got busy with life and totally forgot about them.  Maybe I’ll try again in the new year!

This out fit was inspired by the Yacht Club Cool look I made for Gabe.  It actually looked pretty good, but the photo shoot was horrible.  Hubby was taking the pictures and in EVERY SHOT the background was in focus instead of me.  And they were over exposed.  I decided I would try again with it but never got around to it, so this outfit was never blogged.
This shirt is actually super cute.  But I cannot take a decent photo of myself with it on.  If it hasn’t happened in 3 months it probably ain’t gonna.

This shirt.  I love the idea of this shirt.  I think it would look super cute on someone else, but it’s laughable how bad it looks on me.  I look like I have 4 saggy boobs.  I am going to take it apart and reconstruct it to flatter MY body, because if it doesn’t look good on me what is the point?!

So there you have it.  Whew, I feel better now that I got that off my chest.  Do you have any blog fails from 2012?

10 thoughts on “BLOG FAILS of 2012

  1. That last shirt isn’t so bad! It’s just where that seam hits you. It’s too low to be under the boobs and too high to be a peasant top. That fabric, though, is stunning.

  2. Ho ho! Had a good chuckle. I could never blog at all- I can write but never start projects let alone stuff up. And if I did ANY less housework the dust would take the children…

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