Anyone out there a Spoonflower expert?

Here’s a peak at a new project I’m working on:

I am going to make Charlotte a jacket using Peek A Boo Pattern Shop’s Alpine Wonderland Jacket.  It’s a puffy coat with a fur-trimmed collar…right up Char’s alley.  I told her she could help me pick the fabric, and she showed me a picture she drew of a cheetah and asked if I could put that on the fabric.  And then she blue-eyed me.  I couldn’t say no!

So I scanned the picture, edited in in Photoshop and made a pattern out of it.  Charlotte chose the colors.  I uploaded it in Spoonflower, but the cheetahs are HUGE, like 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide.  I was wanting them to be maybe 2 inches tall.  I have tried with no luck to make the pattern smaller, so if anyone out there knows how to do this will you please let me know?!  

*****UPDATE*****  The lovely Melly Sews came to the rescue!  I’m so not tech-savy.  She’s amazing!

4 thoughts on “Anyone out there a Spoonflower expert?

  1. Isn’t there aliitle box to resize the pattern? It changes it’s dpi, but it shouldn’t matter with such a simple design. Otherwise, I’d say before you import the file, shrink it up. Also, different image formats may produce different sizes ie jpeg, tiff, gif etc. hope this helps. I’m no expert but I’m curious how it goes! Email me! Rubberduckywon at gmail

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