Striped Infinity Scarf with a Bow!

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I recently made this scarf for a friend and it was such a quick easy gift I thought I’d share it with all of you!  If you haven’t seen one of the many infinity scarf tutorials online, I have one HERE.  The only difference is instead of two pieces of fabric 12″X72″, you only need one piece 24″X72″, and you fold it in half lengthwise and sew up the other side. 
If you’re interested in purchasing this striped fabric, you may do so at Spoonflower HERE.  After you’re done hand-sewing the opening you’ll have an infinity scarf.   Now you’ll make your bow pieces:

Hand sew opening of yellow piece closed (or topstitch all around it.)  The smaller piece will be the middle of the bow.  You will fold it around the scarf and hand sew it shut.   If you have some extra cut it off.  Then simply pinch the yellow piece and slide it into the gray piece and you have a pretty bow!  Make several colors so they’re interchangeable!  The possibilities are endless.  

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