Sequined Shoulder Cardigan Tutorial

Hey y’all!  I have a quick and satisfying holiday tutorial for you today! (Or really, any time, because sequins never go out of style!)  If you have a cardigan that needs some spicing up, this is perfect.  And, I know you’re going to ask, it will go through the wash.  As long as you put it on the gentle cycle and don’t put it in the dryer it should stay for a while! 

Thanks hubby, for the dorky laugh pic.  He always tries to get me to laugh when he takes my picture!  I kinda like this one though 😉

If you’re in a real hurry (or don’t feel like pulling out the iron and ironing board), you can set your flat iron (yes, the one for your hair!) to medium/high, cover the sequins with a sheet and go over them with a flat iron!  It works, I tried it!

EDITED TO ADD: I put a few hand stitches in there just to keep them hanging on, and they have been holding strong for almost 2 years!

***Caution: having sequins on your shoulders can lead to extreme sass, so plan the rest of your outfit accordingly.
If you like what you see,!

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