Last Minute BOY Gift!

If you need a last minute gift idea for that little boy in your life, here’s an idea:

It’s a simple draw string bag, filled with glow sticks, with a roll of duct tape on the end.  

Now simply feed the cord through the top casing and tie it in a knot.  Wrap duct tape around the end of the end of the cord, until it’s about 1″ thick, OR you can make this nifty duct tape key chain and stick it on the end.  Fill the bag with glow sticks (you can find big bags of them at the dollar store) and you’ll have a gift any boy would love!

Or if you have a crafter in your life, you could make a pretty bag and use ribbon instead of cord, fill it with notions and put washi tape on the draw string instead.  Oh the possibilities!

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