Gabe’s First Design: A Military Jacket

…This was supposed to be a Christmas present for Gabe, but I just couldn’t wait!  In fact, I couldn’t wait to share it with y’all either, so without further ado…
A few months ago Gabe came to me with an idea.  He wanted me to make him a coat.  And not just any coat, this bad boy was going to be a military coat. 


He brought me a sketch, and we went to the fabric store.  Then we came across this super fun digital camouflage and he was inspired to change his design some.  

 I used Melly Sews’ Basic Blazer Pattern (with some modifications) and it turned out great!  Her patterns are so customizable.  


 I decided on sherpa lining to give it extra warmth.  The patches and skull buttons were things Gabe picked out and I told Gabe they were too expensive.  Then they went on sale, BOGO, so I went back and got them!militaryjacketskullpockets

And I mean if you’re gonna have buttons, why not have the coolest buttons ever!?

Which brings us to these awesome toggle buttons.  I sewed them on with elastic thread so they would have some stretch when he buttoned them. 

Now, if I can just convince him to wear it without the collar popped we’ll really be in business :-). 

7 thoughts on “Gabe’s First Design: A Military Jacket

  1. amazing!! You both did great on this, and I give you major props for doing a complicated project in the middle of holiday madness. :o) (And thanks for using the word “boss” because that made my night)

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