Colorblock Clutch Tutorial!

Hey y’all!  I pinned this lovely color-blocked clutch forever ago and have been waiting patiently for the leather at Joanns to go on sale.  Finally it did, and I was able to do this entire project for $6!  Here’s how:
*Pro Tip!  Leather can be hard to pin, clothespins are a nice alternative!
*Pro Tip!  When you topstitch the pink triangles onto the body of your bag start at the tip and work your way out to the corners.  This will prevent shifting.

 Turn it through the hole and stuff the lining into the purse.  Then topstitch around the outside, and also 1/4″ in.


 Then stare at your beautiful creation!


24 thoughts on “Colorblock Clutch Tutorial!

  1. What are the dimensions for the large rectangle.? These instructions are quite confusing, and do not seem complete

    1. am making an educated guess here.. on the dimensions of the black rectangle.. i come up with 13.5in wide and at least 6.5 plus 6.5 plus maybe 2 or 3 inches totaling 15 or 16 inches. not sure of seam allowance but it looks like maybe 1/4 inch (leather doesnt fray) or half inch at most.. so i would try the idea in fabric first (i plan to maybe using a quilt block idea..) should be a fun experiment

  2. Hi it’s my first time of visiting your blog, please I don’t known how to use pattern, can you please put another tutorial of the clutch purse without pattern (free hand). Thanks.

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