Bulletin Board Jewelry Holder

I know this has been done before, but it was so easy and so pretty I just had to share!  I have had a problem with my jewelry box for a while now…it’s just not big enough!  Not that I have THAT much jewelry, I just have a lot of big jewelry.  What can I say?  I love statement necklaces :-).

You may remember my Fabric Bulletin Board Tutorial from way back in 2010…well this is the same bulletin board.  I recovered it with a fabric that matches my bedroom, re-glued the rick rack along the edges, and started hanging necklaces on push pins!  Then I realized I needed a place for dangly earrings so I pinned a scrap piece of lace across the top.  Easy peasy.  

I love the look of all of them hanging together.  It looks nice in my bedroom and it keeps my jewelry box from overflowing.  Most importantly…it was free!  Rethinking and repurposing something that was just sitting around makes me feel good.

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