Another Episode of HELP ME CUT MY HAIR

I’m SO.SICK.OF.MY.HAIR.  It’s in a funky stage, not really short, not really shoulder length.  I feel like I’m in a rut, so I’ve decided to let you lovely readers pick my new ‘do!

For reference…this is my hair right this second.  NOT CUTE.

Here are some fun hairstyles, which do you think would look best on me?  The one with the most votes WILL BE MY NEW HAIRCUT so choose wisely!

 Short with baby bangs.  I love the shape of this, but is my face too chubby to pull this off?

 Short and shaggy with longer bangs.  Color would still be red.

Ombre bob.  Base color would be red

14 thoughts on “Another Episode of HELP ME CUT MY HAIR

  1. Short and shaggy with longer bangs. The straight style seems most like your hair texture (in this photo amyway). Also, there is versatility, and if you don’t like, you can always cut more and do the first style.

  2. How much maintenance will it need? And how much time do you have for styling? Preference is for the ombre bob as it’s the most versatile. What’s your hair texture like?

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