Saddle Shoulder Polo Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns

I recently tested the Saddle Shoulder Polo Pattern for Melissa of Blank Slate Patterns and I have to say, her patterns never disappoint!  

I decided to make a green shirt for Caroline, who is currently obsessed with green, and when she saw it she said, “it looks like BRAVE!”  I have no idea why it reminds her of the movie Brave, but it means she loves it, so I’ll take it :-).

This is a boy’s pattern, but it totally works for a girl.  

I could have used super girly fabric, but I love how unexpected the colors are on a girl.  Plus, when you pair it with cheetah print boots it’s just girly enough that she won’t get mistaken for a boy.

And I mean really, look at that face.  Isn’t she a doll?  I could eat her up.  Definitely NOT a boy.

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