DIY Rustic Turquoise Cowboy Boots

Several months ago I decided I needed a pair of cowboy boots.  Naturally, Pinterest obliged by finding me the most beautiful, expensive boots EVER to fall in love with.  And, naturally, I decided I could probably make some for way cheaper.
And I think I did it!

 That is how the idea for these Rustic Turquoise Boots were born.  There was just one problem…I needed a pair of boots for the experiment.  Then I went to a swap party and saw these beauties:


 I probably leapt over several people to grab them.  Sorry ladies…I couldn’t help myself.

Do you want to turn regular cheap boots into Rustic Turquoise Boots?  
(I know you do!)
Also, you’ll need some old grocery bags.
The first step is to fill the boots with paper towels or old grocery bags so they stand up straight and to protect the insides.  I used grocery bags, because for some reason I can’t seem to get rid of them.  Finally!  I have found a use!  Spray paint the boots with two coats of tan spray paint.  Wait 15 minutes between coats.  Let dry 30 minutes.  (Truth be told, I wish I’d used a darker tan…but it’s not like there are a ton of choices at the hardware store so you get what you get!)



Next you’ll use a small paint brush to paint inside the stitching.  Only do one coat.  When you get to the stitches don’t use too much paint.  You just want to lightly coat it with a dryish brush.  If you mess up, don’t worry, I promise no one will be able to tell when you’re all done.  I chose to paint the whole bottom of the boots turquoise too, just to give them a little extra something ;-).
Poor a mixture of half Rit dye, half water into an old container (I used an empty yogurt container.)


 I did 2 coats of the Rit dye.  You want to make sure it gets in all the cracks, nooks and crannies.  The more that gets in the cracks the better!  

MAKE SURE YOU USE GLOVES!  If you don’t, your hands will be brown.  For weeks.  Trust me.


See how pristine the ones on the left look?  We don’t want pristine, that’s why we’re “dirtying” them up with the dye.  


 Let them dry for one hour, then spray with one coat of acrylic sealer.  Then let them dry overnight.

Then…wear ’em!  


21 thoughts on “DIY Rustic Turquoise Cowboy Boots

    1. That is an excellent question! I’ve emailed you personally but for my readers here I’ll go ahead and answer: I wore them all day yesterday and all day today. They have held up beautifully so far. I imagine some of the paint will come off eventually, but since they’re supposed to look distressed I think it’ll be ok. I plan on following up in a month or so to show y’all how they’ve fared!

  1. Wow, what a difference! I’ve been seeing awesome cowboy boots all over the place, and love them, but don’t want to pay for them! Maybe I’ll head to the thrift store and see what I can find… Thanks for the tut, Alida!

  2. I am not generally a cowboy boot person but they really are awesome! I like your price-tag better, too…
    If the paint flakes you could consider stripping and dyeing with shoe dye? I’ve done that before with good results.

  3. I recently painted boots too, but only designs not the whole boot. And I wasn’t smart enough to cover the unpainted part of the boot when I did my clear sealant. That combined with humidity left my boots sticky. Any tips on how to fix this?

  4. I was amazed and will most likely try this. However, right now I am looking to find how to make my old boots from when I was a girl (75 now) into vases for my daughters for Christmas… ideas, comments, suggestions, or direct me to…
    Thanks much,

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