Cheater Slouchy Beanie Tutorial

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Hey y’all!  Are you as obsessed as I am with slouchy beanies?  I want to learn to knit/crochet, exclusively so I can make one.  But patience isn’t really my thing so…

I present to you the easiest beanie tutorial ever.  It only takes about 10 minutes.

Did I not say that was easy? 

(Please excuse my finicky model.  To her credit, I shot these as Hurricane Sandy was churning off coast, it was cold and windy!)

BTW, I made her shirt using Melissa Mora’s Saddle Shoulder Polo Pattern.  I’m totally obsessed with this pattern…go check it out!
(…and that’s her about 10 seconds later..)

Did I mention that I have a bazillion sweaters in my cut pile?  If you’re sick of the sweater tutorials let me know, I promise I’m not a one trick pony!  Is there anything you’ve seen on Pinterest and want to learn to make?  Let me know in comments!

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