Ok Gap, Ya Got Me.

First of all, let me get something off my chest.  I used to HATE the new denim shirt trend.  When Gap and Old Navy started selling them I rolled my eyes.  I thought: you can call it “chambray” all you want, but to my eye you look just like Zack Morris circa 1993 and you ain’t fooling anyone with your fancy name.
But then, slowly, Pinterest started changing my mind.  I saw all the cute ways people were styling their denim shirts and I thought…ok maybe I should give this a try.  So I ordered a “chambray” shirt from Gap.  
And when I put it on I was horrified.  I looked pregnant!
To blame?  Inner pockets.  Inner pockets on the hips are NEVER a good idea unless your thighs don’t touch, and even then it’s iffy.
Luckily, it’s an easy fix.  Just put on the shirt inside out, pin where you want it to hit your body, then cut and sew.  But DON’T THROW AWAY THE POCKETS!  You’ll see why soon.
Now this is a good fit.  Yay for alterations!


Now what can you use those pockets for?  Stay tuned tomorrow!
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3 thoughts on “Ok Gap, Ya Got Me.

  1. Nice save! It’s a shame though with the money the Gap charges that you would have to make any alterations at all! But, that design was crazy unflattering to anyone! What were they thinking?

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