Faux-Sequin Infinity Scarf Tutorial

 Hey y’all!  Today I’m sharing a fun faux-sequin scarf.  Sometimes I click the “Women’s Fashion” button on Pinterest and just see what people are loving these days.  This sequined scarf kept coming up, and I fell in love.  
Infinity Scarf Tutorial
There were only two problems.  One, it’s $135.  And two, sequins are scratchy and although it’s a gorgeous scarf I know it would drive me nuts.  
 Infinity Scarf Tutorial
Then I happened to spot this woven sequin fabric at Joanns (in the clearance bin, I might add) and I knew what I had to do!  All the cuteness and none of the scratchiness?? Shut up and take my money!
So basically, you’re going to sew one strip of fabric to the other, which will make a giant tube.  Then twist the tube one time (optional), and pin one half of the opening on one end to one half of the opening on the other end.  (Make sure the sequins are lined up with sequins and knit is lined up with knit.)  Then hand sew the rest of the opening closed.  If you need further clarification, please see THIS VIDEO.
                        Faux Sequin Scarf Tutorial

I love it paired with a jean jacket.  How would you wear it?

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7 thoughts on “Faux-Sequin Infinity Scarf Tutorial

  1. I made a scarf following your tutorial. I used a very pretty cotton for one side and a fleech for the other. It ended up pretty thick. I am an extreme beginner and not great at choosing fabric. Any suggestions on how to fix mine? Should I rip it off and do a different 2nd fabric…or maybe change the width?? Thanks!

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