Bless Your Heart, Haters

Every now and then, as bloggers, we all need a reminder that the world is full of vulgar, disgusting, rude people. We are not vulgar, disgusting and rude, but we may have to assume that some of our readers are.  I really wanted to address the people in that demographic, since they have been so kind as to send me 30+ comments on my last blog post (which has since been removed, thanks to them.)  It must be really hard being everyone’s moral authority AND a child pornography enthusiast.

Then I remembered something.  I am Southern.  I don’t have to go all batshit crazy mama bear on these lowlifes.  I don’t have to waste my time and space on my blog arguing with them!  I am SOUTHERN.  So I can put on my pearls and lipstick, smile at them and say, 

(For those of you who are not Southern and do not know what bless your heart truly means, please go HERE.)

Now, please allow Miranda Lambert to sing you the song of my people:

20 thoughts on “Bless Your Heart, Haters

  1. Love your blog and your attitude – I missed the confrontational post I guess, but your hedghog below is to die for ;o) – and I spent over half my life in the South – making be not Southern, but I understand that adding ‘child’ to the above statement packs a good wallop too ;op

  2. You are awesome. I’m so lucky to know you from real life. You’ve been awesome from the first moment I met you- omg was it really 13 years ago? Love yoga Angela

  3. I have SO had this experience this week. You put up a post that’s supposed to be positive and fun and people feel the need to suddenly get on their soapbox and tell you how wrong you are. I had one commenter call me “stupid” and a “twit”. Ok, really? It’s fine if you want to share your opinion in an informative way so I can understand where you’re coming from, but name calling? What are you, five? How does that help me see your point?

    Alida, when people say mean and nasty things they’re saying a lot more about who they are as a person and nothing at all about who you are. They are simply telling the world that they are angry and inconsiderate and apparently not intelligent enough to come up with constructive criticism rather than nastiness.

    Bless their hearts.

  4. i just stumbled upon your blog and I do believe my drink almost came out of my nose! I think I am going to like your blog!!!

  5. Man… it sounds like I missed a good one if it got such a reaction;) People just need to worry about their own shiz-nit and not everyone elses.

  6. That makes me so sad that it was removed! there was nothing wrong with it at all! It was just a little baby butt, and there is nothing shameful or sexual about a naked baby, rather it is the person who looks at it and says “pornography!” who needs serious help and should be the one punished, not the one who looks at it innocently (as it should be looked at).

    I remember reading something in a book once that said, “Southern women can get away with saying anything nasty about anyone so long as they end with ‘bless your heart.'” I’m glad to see that’s true! I might have to adopt that saying too 😀

  7. I didn’t read your last post before it was taken down… but every one who didn’t like it can just pound sand! Good grief! If you don’t like it, go to another blog! I love your blog, your stuff, style, and your attitude! You’ve got a friend in me!

  8. Hahaha…. I love this!!!
    I have posted one photo of my husband shirtless sewing in a tiny serger he bought for me and my 5 years old was sitting across, topless as well, looking at her Daddy sew.
    Someone report it for pornography.
    I mean… COME ON!!!!!
    It pissed me off that people are just THAT SICK, to assume such a terrible thing.
    It is true, there are perverts out there, but no parent posts with the intention of endangering their children in any sort of way.
    Is this world really THIS SICK now???
    Like you said, it is easy for your to track their IP addy, so block the heck out of them from your blog if you can.
    that nasty people really need to go somewhere else and mind their own business. 😛

  9. Us southern women know how to get all “momma bear” on those sad and mean people. I’ve lived in Georgia for most of my life (spend two years in G-Vegas 😉 ) and stay “bless your heart” all the time. It’s such a nice way to get a point across.

    1. Yes it’s amazing how much courage one gets from using “anonymous” screen name. I wonder if these people would have the balls to use their real names? Probably not.

  10. I laughed at the Bless your heart. So funny. I loved the other posts, they were so sweet. Spending time with the family is the most important thing. Cause you never know when it can change in a minute.
    As for those haters, well bless their hearts, they never had someone love them enough. Especially not enough to share how much they love them on the internet. Bless their hearts.

  11. OMG!!! My whole day has been consumed with me saying “You can’t fix stupid…Bless their heart!” I really think it is the only thing that I got accomplished today! This rocks. 🙂 These people are A) Obviously not parents and B) have nothing better to do than sit online and try to find something they consider wrong in their little sad world. They would be appalled if they saw the wallpaper on my phone. Not one, but two bare bottoms!! <=O Gasp!!!!

    On a completely random side note, do you have an easy tutorial or design for a little red riding hood cape? Trying to make one with as little sewing as possible. 🙂

  12. I missed the post, but something like this happened to me last year and I got bombed by 80+ people in about an hour, my blog got hacked, then followed my entire google account… It went on for a week and I had to start from scratch. People are a-holes. I’m not Southern by birth, but Bless Their Hearts…

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