Knit Maxi Tutorial in 5 Steps

 Hey y’all! Want to make the easiest skirt ever?
Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial

 I styled it in the first picture for Summer. My favorite way to wear it?  With pearls and LL Bean Boots of course!  I am a Southern Belle after all.

I love how this skirt moves.  When I wear it I feel like I’m floating everywhere.  And this fabric is just cheap knit!  (Found HERE at if you’re interested.)  Imagine if you used chiffon!  

I know, I am not quite as bohemian cool as the girl on Pinterest, but I tried. I guess I’m a southern girl to my core!

6 thoughts on “Knit Maxi Tutorial in 5 Steps

  1. That skirt is awesome! Well done! I have a gray maxi skirt like that that I adore. I wear it all the time. It’s almost like wearing pajamas, but more stylish. 🙂


  2. I love your skirt pattern. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be making myself several of these. Your skirts are just lovely.

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