Repurposing Boy’s Uniform Pants into a CUTE Skirt!

This isn’t really a tutorial, because the skirts are so easy it’s not even funny.  They are just rectangles with bias tape waist bands.  Easy cheesey.

You know that awesome Pinterest Pin where someone is printing on plain fabric with a toilet paper tube?  When I saw Gabe’s SAD school uniform pants the other day I knew that’w what I wanted to do to them.  

 These things were faded, holey, and just plain worn out.  

Problem is, toilet paper rolls don’t really keep their shape very well when you start actually painting with them, so I switched to the cap form a Glitter bottle.  
The skirt is a huge hit, thanks in part to the GORGEOUS bias tape given to me by Jessica at Me Sew Crazy.  Thanks lady!  It’s so gorgeous!  Charlotte also loves the jeggings I made for her out of leftovers from my maternity jeggings from long ago.  And of course, her ugly rain boots made new again with duct tape?  My favorite project for sure.  Minimum effort, maximum cuteness achieved!  It doesn’t get much better.

For Caroline’s skirt I used the veeery last of the jeggins material.  I used another bias tape from Jessica for the waist band but a pretty coral stretchy lace for the hem.  The bias tape faux pockets are super easy.  If you’d like a tutorial for those let me know, but I’m sure you can probably figure it out 😉

One thought on “Repurposing Boy’s Uniform Pants into a CUTE Skirt!

  1. I have been meaning to buy some of the jegging material! Everytime I see it I think I should make something but never do…now I will. They are too cute with the patch on them; my niece would love a pair:)

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