Color Block Shirt Tutorial

colorblocked shirt
Here is a very simple mini-tutorial for you:  You’ll need some scraps/strips of different colored jersey or interlock fabrics, a double needle for the hemming, and a measuring tape.  

Seam allowances are 1/4″.  In case the measurements are confusing anyone here is an example:  The first thing I did was measure my hips, which are 40 inches.  So the width of my fabric to start with was 28 inches, which is half my hip circumference (20) plus 8 inches. On the pattern piece for the shirt, the bottom is 1/4 hip + 2, so for me that was 12 inches across, because 1/4 of 40 is 10, then I added 2.  I hope that helps!

For full instructions including neckline and pocket, go HERE.


 Here’s a view of the back…


And here it is from the front.  I hope if you decide to make it that you’ll email me a photo!

Also, if you want a pattern for similar dolman sleeve shirt, check out the Blanc T Shirt by Blank Slate Patterns (it’s free!) or the Casual Lady Pattern at Go To Patterns!

39 thoughts on “Color Block Shirt Tutorial

  1. This is sooo sooo cute!!! Cant wait to make one! Are the 8 inch and 2.5 inches including seam allowance, or is that the measurement after sewing? Also, where did you find that great salmon and gold jersey knit?

    1. Hi Krista! The 8 and 2.5 inches include the seam allowance. I found the salmon jersey at my local Joanns and the gold is from For the hip measurement you measure all the way around your hips. For instance, my hips are 40 inches so half my hip measurement is 20. So 1/2 hip plus 8 for me is 20 + 8 =28. Does that help?

  2. I totally love this shirt and i agree yours is much better than the original! One question…when you fold the fabric in half you are folding the front and back together? and are you eyeballing the neck sleeve or did you need to use a pattern?

    1. Yes, you fold the front and back together because you want them to match up. I eyeballed the neck and sleeve, but if you feel uncomfortable with that you can always take a shirt you like and use it as a guide. Happy Sewing!

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