Express Knock-off Necklace Tutorial

I’ve been coveting lots of necklaces from Express lately.  You know the ones, they’re long and have lots of cool stuff on the pendant.  Problem is…
They’re $45.  Is this gal going to pay $45 for a necklace?  Not likely.  I know absolutely nothing about jewelry making, but I took a crack at making one anyway.

 I have lots of stuff in my jewelry box collecting dust, so I grabbed a bunch of random stuff and put it on the table.  Luckily I have a bunch of giant earrings that I never wear (sometimes I black out and forget that I’m not J-Lo and buy huge earrings…please tell me I’m not the only one!)  Mostly I blame Target for this.  Darn you Target!

I knew I wanted a long chain and I didn’t have any, so I took two shorter chains and connected them.  Easy peasy.

 I have no jewelry making supplies whatsoever, so I grabbed hubby’s needle nosed pliers and some old jewelry and stole the jump rings off of them.  (This is how little I know about jewelry making, I had to google to figure out that the thingies that hold your pendant to the chain are called jump rings.)

 I figured out which pieces I wanted to use and then I played for a while to figure out how I wanted to hang them. 

 I had a turquoise chain from the feather earrings so I used it to stagger the pearl and the love pendant at different heights.

 Then I just put all the pieces I together on the jump ring and put the jump ring on the chain!  Not too shabby for a free project eh?

Click here for the tutorial for this shirt…inspired by Pinterest!

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