Boys Flannel Lined Hoodie

 Did you ever see a bolt of fabric and just know what it was meant to be?  When I saw this flannel I just knew it was supposed to be the rockin-est, rollin-est, baddest-ass hoodie ever.  

 And boy did it deliver.  I prepared a tutorial, but having the correct pieces is pretty crucial to this project so I am just going to have to make a pattern.

 I have never made a pdf file pattern before, I’m a little nervous, but heck, what do I have to lose?   The millions I make from this blog?  HA!

My own skull stamped fabric.  I love it so much!  I think my model likes it too 🙂

I should mention, my model is our neighbor.  His father is the creator of Sandbox Threads, the coolest tee shirt company EVER.  So this kid is uber cool.  I had to make a hoodie cool enough for a kid who wears John Mcenroe tee and KNOWS who John Mcenroe is!  Thanks for the inspiration Ben!

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18 thoughts on “Boys Flannel Lined Hoodie

  1. Awesome sweatshirt! I love seeing great boy stuff! I totally know what you mean about all the pieces being perfect, I am working on a jacket pattern with a hood and there are just so many little details that have to line up. Have fun making the pattern! They are addicting once you get started 🙂

  2. awesome hoodie – I love hoodies on my boys. I noticed you left the zipper exposed on the inside… I’m making a hooded jacket and think I might do the same thing. It is comforting to see that yours looks awesome. Zippers and I have a hate/hate relationship ;o)

    1. I thought about hiding the zipper but honestly I just didn’t want to mess with it . I think it was the right call…it saved me time and it doesn’t look half bad 🙂

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