Blank Tank Pattern by Melly Sews

 One of the perks of having so many talented friends is occasionally I get to test patterns for people.  🙂

I was super psyched when I received the Blank Tank Pattern from the uber-talented Melly Sews.  This pattern is awesome!  Cool patterns for older kids are hard to find, particularly shirts that are long enough.  The length and fit of this tank are perfect.  

Want some great news?  Melissa is releasing her pattern E-book Blank Slate Basics on August 16.  It has 6 basic and customizable boy patterns including a blazer!  Want some even better news?  If you go to this blog post and leave your name and email address between now and August 14 you can get the whole E-book for 12.50!  That’s 50% off people!  Check it out!

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