It’s a Cinch Maxi Tutorial

In case you missed me on Melly Sews Sundress Series, here is the It’s a Cinch Maxi Tutorial!

This dress may seem complicated, but it really is easy.  I’m going to take you step by step, but here is a little diagram to get you started with pattern pieces:
You’ll need:
–2 yards matte jersey fabric
–1/2 yard coordinating fabric for the sash
–double needle
–a tank top that fits
–water soluble fabric pencil
First put your tank top on and pin (or mark with a water-soluble pencil) right above your hips.
Then trace around the tank top adding 1/2” or so, with the bottom ending where you pinned.  Make sure you make the straps at least 2 inches wide because if you don’t they won’t cover your bra straps by the time you’re finished!
Make a front and back bodice piece.  As you can see the back piece is not as low cut as the front.
Then cut two pieces of coordinating matte jersey fabric, 6X24”.  These will be your sash pieces.  Sandwich the sash pieces between the front and back bodice pieces (right sides together.)
Here’s where I messed up…I pinned the pieces without accounting for the sewing allowance for the piece that will go underneath it.  So instead of doing what I did, move the sash pieces up about a half inch.
Sew up the sides and shoulder straps, and you will have this.
Since you cut your tier pieces on the fold you will only need to sew up one side seam on each tier.  Go ahead and do that now.
Now take your fabric pencil and mark the bodice side seams, the middle points between them, and the middle points between those.  Do the same to the skirt piece.  Now pin where you marked them right sides together. It should look like the above photo. 
Now it’s time to sew it on!  As you’re sewing, stretch the bodice piece so that it’s even with the skirt.  This will give it a subtle ruffle.  As you see I used my serger for this but if you don’t have a serger you can use a zigzag stitch.
Repeat with the second and third tier.
Now all we have left to do is finish the bodice!  Spray around the arms and neckline with starch and press the raw edge under.  
Use a double needle to sew it down (using 1/4 inch seam allowance), or if you don’t have a double needle you can use a zig zag stitch.
Now go model that sucker because you are DONE!

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