Tonka Trucks and Cabbage Patch Dolls

In planning for this Christmas my family has decided on a wacky new idea:
Every single year we buy the kids mountains of toys that they play with for 5 minutes and then toss to the side. The toys end up in their countless toy bins, untouched or rarely played with. Then eventually we go through the bins and get rid of them and give them to charity.
WHY? Why do we do this every year? To make them happy? I’ve had enough. I would rather give them gifts that are made with love, and teach them to appreciate them.
This year will be different. Mr. Med School and I decided to take a peak in his parents’ barn and find his old toy box. We didn’t really know what we’d find, it was kind of like a scavenger hunt! Well we opened the box and low and behold there were a TON of cool boy toys! GI Joes (some of which still make sounds!), metal tonka trucks, and of course a bag full of plastic army men. All circa the mid 80s. LOVE! This truck has some rust on it…but it’s nothing that a little spray paint won’t fix 🙂

On the other side of the box there were 5 original cabbage patch dolls. O.M.G. I squealed I was so excited! They belonged to Jason’s sister, who is no longer with us, so of course I asked my mother-in-law’s permission before I took them. She said she would be happy for the girls to have them!
The kids are going to have a wonderful Christmas, and we barely spent any money.
Why not look through your old toy box and see what you find? Your children might get a kick out of receiving a toy that you loved as a child.
Tune in tomorrow for a tutorial for the Cabbage Patch Peasant Dress, as well as some tips about jazzing up a simple peasant dress. Be ware though, because once you see how easy and quick they are to make you might not be able to stop!


3 thoughts on “Tonka Trucks and Cabbage Patch Dolls

  1. This is a great idea I keep most of my kids toys to have around for my grand kids some of their favorites or the Tonka dump truck and Tupper toys. I have found that the simplest toys are truly the best.

  2. I have an old original Cabbage Patch doll that my daughter has been “eyeing” for some time now. I am going to make her and the doll matching dresses because of this post and give it to her for Christmas!!! I am so excited!! thank you for sharing this!

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