FWIW Wednesday

For What It’s Worth…

I think a child that’s old enough to come up to you and say “Sorry Mama, I just peed on the floor in your room!” is probably old enough to PEE ON THE POTTY.

This child is teaching me patience. She’s lucky she’s extraordinarily adorable.

7 thoughts on “FWIW Wednesday

  1. I have a home daycare and we use M&Ms as rewards for peepeeing in the potty. Nothing if they just sit on the potty, but 2 M&Ms if they peepee and 3 if they poopoo. That’s not enough to give them a sugar high or spoil their meat. I’ve found that kids will do just about anything for M&Ms!

  2. I run a home daycare and we give M&Ms as rewards for pottying. 2 for peepeeing, 3 for poopooing and nothing for just sitting on the potty. That’s not enough to spoil meals or put them on a sugar high.

  3. Oh dear .. you sound like me at the moment. After countless months we have finally managed to get my 2.5yr old to ask for a wee but the other is a work in progress and is testing my patience. A LOT.

  4. HOLY COW Alida, I started to read this and I SO thought that it was going to be you talking junk about me and my facebook post the other night. Did you read that? Not only did my 2.5 year old pee on his floor, but he did it and then came and asked for a towel to CLEAN IT UP HIMSELF. WTF? Couldn’t he have done that in the potty and saved himself some trouble???

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