30 Minute Rufflebutt Romper

If you’re ready for a ridiculously easy, ridiculously cute outfit, well you’re in the right place today! In fact I could probably post the tutorial with no words and you’d still be able to see what to do from the pictures, but y’all know how I love to talk so I can’t do that now can I? 🙂This outfit was inspired by a combination of my cheapness and my inability to throw anything away. You see, ever since I saw this post from No Big Dill I have been drooling over ruffle fabric and wanting to make a Coastal Curtsy Skirt. Well I finally broke down and bought some ruffle fabric from rufflefabric.com and made on and it’s AWESOME! (Hopefully when I wear it I will be able to convince Mr. Med School to snag a picture of it.)

The only problem was I had this weird triangular piece left over and ruffle fabric ain’t cheap so I couldn’t throw it away! Then I thought, ‘how cool would it be to make a ruffle bottomed romper?’ The rest is history.

To get started you need:

A onsie in the size you want the romper to be
A triangular scraps of ruffle fabric
Jersey knit scraps
Thread and a sewing machine (duh)

Lay the onsie on top of your triangle scraps (two layers) and cut it to the shape of the bottom of the onsie.
Next cut some knit scraps (mine came from a scrap bag from Lil Blue Boo) so that they are the same width as your ruffled piece and at least tall enough that when they are laid on top of the onsie the top goes above the armpits.Now take pins and mark where the armpit is and where the neckline is.
Cut a curved line from the armpit pin to the neckline pin.
Pin the top to the ruffled bottom, right sides together, and sew. Now you have the front of your romper. Repeat for the back.
Next pin the front and the back pieces together, right sides facing, and sew down the tow sides and across the bottom. Make sure all the ruffles are faced the same way when you do this or your seams will look wonky!
Hem the top of the front and the back.
Cut some long 1-2 inch wide strips of jersey knit fabric and fold and press them in half like so:
Pin them to the arm cutouts so that the raw edge is touching the raw edge of the arm cutout.
Sew into place, then fold it over, press, and topstitch like so:
That. Is. IT!
This is so easy-peasy and so fun that if you make one you will want to crank out a dozen! If you make one please let me know!

13 thoughts on “30 Minute Rufflebutt Romper

  1. I love the romper! I have a question about the closure. Do you sew the snapped area of the onesee to the ruffle bottom? Sorry if that’s a “Dudaaa” monemt but right now I can’t figure it out. You didn’t show a picture of that area. I want to make one for my grand daughter. I haven’t made any of the onsee dresses before and this will be fun. Thanks

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