Spring Fever!

There hasn’t been much crafting around here lately for two reasons: #1 I have a 2-month-old who needs to be held 24/7 and #2 Spring has SPRUNG in NC! Because it’s been so gorgeous we have been at the park:

At the fair…

(Her face is priceless!)


(What a lucky shot! After about 10 tries I caught his face while he was going around!)

And of course chillin’ in the hammock…
My poor baby is going bald on top. She kind of resembles a little old man! But notice those little tufts of hair on the sides of her head are RED! Why is this so surprising? Because believe it or not, I am not a natural red head. There, I’ve said it. My hair has been red for so many years that only my oldest dearest friends remember me as anything else, but I am a natural brunette.


So until next time my crafty friends, I bid you good day. I hope the sand man sprinkles some dust on my sweet baby so I can have more crafts for you soon!park4

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