My first attempt at a camera bag

Ok, actually it’s my second. My first attempt was really sad and therefor I gave up on it and started all over again. I made it for my dear friend Shannon because she wanted a Joy Bag-esque camera bag. It is lined with batting and foam, with a plastic grid and two layers of foam on the bottom for stability. The idea is to put your DSLR camera in it lense down.

It was definitely an experience making it, and I’m so glad she asked me to do it because I probably would have never attempted it otherwise! I love it! I want one now 🙂

Maybe someday, way in the future, I will attempt a tutorial, but probably not for a while. This was my ‘figuring it out’ bag, I’m sure I can streamline the process in the future, and I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone.

Now I’m on to find a good camera strap tutorial, I’m on a roll today!

6 thoughts on “My first attempt at a camera bag

  1. That’s awesome! I am so amazed and inspired by your ability to create things without a pattern. That’s a wonderful talent to have, and one that I don’t possess, so I appreciate all your tutorials!

  2. i need one of husband gives me such grief as to how beaten up my camera is…along with the flour and butter that seems to be endlessly caked on it! so cute! popping in from TT and Jello!

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