Jeans Resurrection Part 2: The Clutch

Yesterday I repaired a pair of ripped jeans. I used the legs from another pair of jeans for patches, and had a lot left over. What to do with them? Hmmm….

For this tutorial you will need a paper grocery bag, old jeans, cotton fabric, stabilizer and a magnetic snap.

Here is the template I made for the clutch. I wanted an asymmetrical flap to keep it fun.

When you fold it up it should look like this (pic is upside down):

Lay your cotton and your denim right sides together and cut around your template. The denim piece should look something like this:

Next you will install your snaps. Put your two pieces together and fold it up as it will be when it’s comeplete.

Decide where you want your snap and mark it. Then take one end of the snap and press it where you marked. Snip two small holes where you pressed:

Poke the prongs through the holes. Next cut a square of stabilizer and snip 2 slits in it for the prongs. Poke the prongs through the slits in the stabilizer.Now slide the washer (it comes with the snaps) over it and press the prongs in.

Now do the same for the other end of the snap. Make sure that one side of the snap is on the denim and the other is on the cotton, otherwise it won’t work! Now lay them right side together, pin and sew, leaving a 2 inch hole. Turn it right side out through the hole, press, and topstitch.

Now all you have to do is turn it so the cotton side is up and fold the bottom up, pin and sew into place as close to the edge as you can.
Then flip, press, and admire!
Ok I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed with the outcome, so I made a giant flower safety pin and voila! Much better, don’t you think?

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