20 Minute Cute Clutch

Going out tonight and don’t want to bring your giant mommy bag? Why don’t you turn a plain old wallet into a sassy little clutch!

Here’s what you need:
Plain Wallet
Glue gun
Lace and other pretties
velcro (if desired)

I used this old wallet:

Cut a piece of lace ribbon that is at least twice the width of the wallet. Open up the wallet and wrap the ribbon around like so:

Hot glue it only on the inside of the wallet so the glue doesn’t show through on the front. Make sure it’s taut but not too tight, because you still want the snap to go through the lace. It should now look like this:

That’s it! You should now have this:Isn’t that easy and fast? I love how you can change the charm whenever you wish. I made a few others but they didn’t look nearly as cute as the flower.

7 thoughts on “20 Minute Cute Clutch

  1. Hey I’m stoppingby from UCreate. And I Love love love your blog!

    This clutch is soo cute!! Great blog, I’m glad I stopped by today!

    Have a great monday!

    cute background by the way 😉

  2. I am also stopping by from UCreate! How fun are you?! (too fun 😉 ) I went back a few pages of posts and saw your post titled “Romantic collar shirt take two” I was wondering if you have done a tutorial on how to do roses out of scraps like you did on that skirt- i would LOVE to know how! Thanks!!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    Nancy, so glad you stopped by! I just looked at your blog and your family pictures are SO CUTE! Wow. I can tell you very simply how to make the roses: I cut out strips of fabric. Then I hold one end and wrap the length of the strip around it (so you get kind of a spiral). Then I kind of smoosh it around until it looks more flower like (I am not sure how to describe that, just play with it). Then I lay it on the fabric and sew it one or two stitches, here and there, until it’s all tacked down. An alternative is to hot glue it to a piece of felt and hot glue a safety pin to it to make it a pin (or a barrette to make it a hairclip, etc).

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