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I’d like to introduce my first blogging friend, Lynette, who generously offered to help me get more readers with a blog swap. I will be posting a tutorial on Get Your Craft On, so go check it out (after you read her tutorial here, of course). Thank you Lynette for this opportunity!

Thanks Alida for swapping blogs with me today! Alida’s new blog, I Make Stuff, is awesome! For being new to blogging and not having had sewn for too long, isn’t she doing a fabulous job?

My name is Lynette, and I am the crafty (or crazy) girl behind Get Your Craft On. I haven’t been sewing forever (4 years-ish) but I really can’t even remember what I used to do before I sewed! I have one awesome husband and two energetic kiddos. While I’m not having fun with them, I’m sneaking a few minutes in my sewing room. There is always a project in the works…and many more in my head! Come on over and check out my blog to see all the crazy craftiness! One new thing on my blog is the ‘El Cheap-O Shirt Challenge‘.

Whenever I see a shirt for only a buck…I just have to buy it! The El Cheap-O Shirt Challenge is to see what we can do with those cheap shirts we find. What do you do? Do you applique them? Dye them? Totally transform them? I would love to have you show me what you’ve made…come link them up! Here’s a quick and simple idea of what you can do…sorry for the lack of pictures :)

Easy Butterfly and Flower Applique Tee

Supplies: T-shirt, knit scraps (you can use old t-shirts), Wonder Under, 4 buttons, embroidery floss, sewing essentials (machine, thread, scissors, etc)

1.) Iron an 8″x8″ piece of Wonder Under onto the back of the scrap of knit fabric for the butterfly wings. You will also need another approximately 8″x8″ piece of Wonder Under ironed to either the same knit fabric or a different one for the flower, depending on whether you want the flower the same color as the butterfly or not.

2.) From that fabric, cut two large hearts (approx 2″ tall) and two small hearts (approx 1 1/2″ tall) for the butterfly wings. You can free-hand it or print out one from on-line to copy.

3.) Also cut out three flower shapes, one small, medium, and large. The large one will be about 3″x3″. I just freehanded a little fluffy flower, but you could print one out to copy.

4.) To make the little “loopy trail” from the flower to the butterfly, you will need to do a running stitch with a needle and embroidery floss. Start at the bottom in the middle of where you plan to place your flower. Make sure to have the knot from the floss on the OUTSIDE of the shirt, b/c this will be covered later by the flower. Do a running stitch from the bottom left corner to the upper right side of the shirt. Make sure to put a few loops in there too. When you get to where you want the butterfly to be make sure to stitch a two little antenna for your butterfly. Then end the stitching in the middle of where the butterfly will be with a knot on the outside of the shirt. This is a really long explanation…it’s really just simple stitching :)

5.) Peel the paper back off the hearts and iron them on over the knot on the right upper part of the shirt. Put the two larger hearts down first with the two points touching (just below the antenna), then put the small hearts directly over them. Iron them down well.

6.) On your sewing machine, stitch an “X” through the butterfly wings. The wings won’t fray b/c they are knit.

7.) Peel the paper back off the flowers and iron them on, larger one first, over the knot at the bottom left part of the shirt. With your sewing machine, stitch around the outline of the 3 flowers.

8.) Sew a button to the middle of the flower. Sew 3 buttons down the middle of the butterfly wings to make the “body”. Make sure the antenna are poking up from the top button.

And you’re done! Quick and easy and super cute!! Come check out the other El Cheap-O shirts at Get Your Craft On…and remember to link up what you’ve got!

Thanks again Alida for swapping with me today!! Go check out her adorable crown tutorial!

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