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IMG_2488In our house the baby has the prettiest room. She has a huge vaulted ceiling, beautiful buttery yellow paint on the wall, and a giant 61X61 inch window topped with an arch window. I knew this would make a perfect nursery and it was…until the sunlight started streaming in directly on her crib making it impossible for her to nap! I have researched the options for such a window and none of them appealed to me, they were either too expensive or too ugly. Then I thought, you’re a crafty lady, you can figure something out! Here is what I came up with:


This is a padded covering that completely blocks out the light, which makes the room more energy efficient and it’s pretty too! Here’s how I did it.

What you’ll need:
1 piece of cardboard big enough to cover your window
1 yard pretty fabric (this is for my window, you may need more or less depending on the size of your window)
1 yard batting
1 yard muslin
hot glue gun
small nails (for installation)
IMG_2493First you have to measure your window and determine if it’s a true semi circle. Measure the width of the window and the height at the center. If the height is half the width you probably have a half circle. I used cardboard as the base because A) I had it, B) you can cut it with scissors and C) it’s light, so if it ever fell down it couldn’t hurt anyone. First cut the cardboard to fit your window (make sure it fits before you do anything else!). Duct tape over the creases.
IMG_2494Use the cardboard as your template to cut your next piece, the batting. Lay the cardboard on the batting and cut leaving an extra 2 inches all the way around.
IMG_2496Cut your pretty fabric the same size as the batting. It may be necessary to sew two pieces of fabric together to accomplish this. It was necessary for me because I have a hearts pattern and I didn’t want my hearts going sideways! Make sure you press the seam allowances out.
IMG_2497Next cut your muslin the same size as your cardboard.
IMG_2499Next you need to lay your batting on top of your cardboard. Start from the middle and hot glue it on. Make sure you go around the edges. Then flip your cardboard over and glue the excess batting to the back of your cardboard, stretching it slightly as you go. ***WARNING*** there is a great risk of hot gluing your fingers while doing this step, just ask my left thumb! I recommend getting a board to hold the batting in place after it’s been glued.
Do the same thing you just did with your batting with your pretty fabric, making sure it’s pulled taut and smooth. You should have something looking like this:
IMG_2505You could stop here, but then the world would be able to see that you rigged something with cardboard. I don’t know about you but I don’t mind using cardboard but I don’t want people to *know* I used cardboard. So this next step is to make it look presentable from the outside.
IMG_2510Hot glue the muslin to the back of your project. Trim as you go if needed so that the muslin doesn’t overlap the other side. And….
TA-DA!!! You’re done! My dear sweet husband installed this for me, basically he put tiny nails around the window frame, leaving them a half inch out. Then slide it in from the bottom. YAY! All done! This is the first of many projects I’m doing in the baby’s room. Stay tuned!

23 thoughts on “Arch window solution TUTORIAL

  1. OMG! So simple! I never thought of using cardboard… I had thought of possibly doing something with wood, but decided against it…. I could even see making this a place to tack up pictures/artwork/etc.

    Thank you, thank you for stopping by and leaving me this great suggestion!

    1. I’m going to try this too! I want something temporary-as I love the sun shining in for the most part-and the moon at night…but when we have guests I think they like privacy. This will be in our “office” which doubles as our guest room. So I will make a template from newspaper and then cut my cardboard/fabric so it will fit pretty snugly. I will put “tabs” at 12″ intervals so we can just pull it down when our guests leave. Thanks for your wonderful idea!

  2. Truely UNIQUE!!….and what a wonderful & inexpensive way to cover those arches! I work at Lowes and will definitely be suggesting this one to my customers who dont want to go the sos window treatment route!…You rock!
    creative blessings, Debbie

  3. This is amazing! I am having this exact ‘issue’ in my oldest son’s room and I had no idea what to do about it. Poor guy is awakened with bright sunshine every morning bc he has the large window in his room. This tutorial will help so much! Thanks!

  4. When we moved into our house our master bedroom had a similar window and the sun was BLINDING in the mornings! Within a few days we made a similar treatment by taking two pieces of cardboard (cut down from moving boxes) and using packing tape to attach an old beige sheer curtain to it. What I did was lay the two pieces of cardboard against each other with the straight edges touching on top of the window sheer. Then I gathered and arranged the sheer around the arches. Then I folded it up so the ends are hidden in the middle and it looks great from the street or our room.
    Yours looks great!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial- we live in a former church and the summer sun gets us up at about 4:30 in the morning. This will be on my to do list, before the spring equinox!

  6. I thought I was looking at my daughter’s room. It is identical with the vaulted ceiling and window. The arch is exposed right now and you can definitely tell with the 100 degree heat and sunshine!

  7. I will be making this!!! Do you think instead of putting nails around the window (since I am temporarily living in a rental condo) I could use small pieces of Velcro or the new 3M stickers that are removable?? Thanks!

    1. wondered what you ended up doing for the temporary situation? I plan to make mine just fit tight enough so no nails will be necessary. thanks!

  8. Finally!!! I was struggling to figure out what type of window treatment to put there that was esthetically pleasing and still be able to ‘darken’ the room without spending large $$$ on a custom-made blind.

  9. Thank you for your idea. We did this for our son’s nursery. We did 1 layer of cardboard taped to a layer of white foam board and put flannel fabric on either side. We attached a tab to remove it in the center and my husband got it to fit perfectly. Thanks for sharing your awesome idea!

    1. That’s exactly what I’m doing, but what kind of tab specifically did you use please?! I’m stumped trying to figure this last part out…a handle, something to pull it down in the daytime, etc. Thank you!

  10. Thank You for coming up with such and brilliant and simple idea! My kitchen window is blinding in summer, and I have been trying to solve this for 3 years. I now have a seasonal fix which I can match to the other window treatments.

  11. Thank you for the idea I am trying to do it for my daughter’s room since the Sun comes in through her room and it’s really hot I’m starting today but I’ll probably finish tomorrow thank you very much for the great idea.

  12. Is there a worry of the sun refracting heat waves through the window to cause a fire? Or is it more safe because they are double paned?
    I wouldn’t do it in a really old house due to glass in windows could be really old and can cause a fire? It almost happened to us once. That is why I ask.

  13. Love this idea – can you post a picture from the outside of your house? My arched window faces the front of the house. Thanks

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